Help with Concho?


I was looking for info on this piece. Is it Native? It was listed as a Concho belt but it is way too small for that at 29” in length. The Concho’s are 1 inch and there is a total of 19. There are no markings but tests as Sterling. I’ve looked at the Conchos closely and although they are the same design they do differ slightly from one to the next. Any info would be appreciated. Age and value would be great to know as well. Thanks All.


I The thing with vintage pieces that you will notice, with all kinds of jewelry like rings and cuffs and belts, is that they are smaller. People were smaller back in the day; many vintage rings we see are as small as sizes 4, 5 and 6. This is in fact a belt. All of the small- size vintage belts I have for sale in my store I advertise as being wearable as chunky necklaces. I’ve never seen this particular design, so I have no idea who could have made this. I would date it from the late 50’s at the earliest, it’s more likely that it is circa 1960’s.


Here are a few of the belts I have on display, the longest one being about 32" or 33".


Hi Bigbree43,
That makes sense. I did not realize that was the case and was hoping to wear this as a belt. This might be returned and I research a little more before purchasing a belt. May I ask what you would sell this for in your shop? It does look ok as a necklace but probably over paid thinking it was much larger than it actually is, I forgot to mention it weighs 130 grams.
Thanks so much for you help! Hopefully someone with have an idea on the origin/maker.


Your shop looks great! Wish I could visit and see all the great stuff you have pictured. Did I read you are in Texas now? I see you changed your picture, Have you joined the military? If so which branch?


From the image of the back they pieces look to be cast. The design is different, if it had a more traditional design I would say Navajo immediately.


Thanks Jason. I appreciate your input if it could be identified as Navajo it might have still been a keeper. But, I think I will return and keep looking. It is attractive as a necklace but I don’t think it worth the money spent.


Well, if I were to have it in my shop I’m thinking around $225-$275. The belts have been tough sell recently. They do garner some interest, but ultimately I think customers want to wear them as belts, and most of the time they are too small. I feel that they have to sit just right in order to be worn as a necklace.

The difficulty here is with the pattern of the conchos. Even though I am positive this piece is Native American, i tend to think a buyer might shy away from it because of the unusual design on the conchos, so I am weary to price it on the high side because of this. But, you can always price an item high, and then discount it or mark it down if you want. But If you price it too low and it sells, well…

And thank you for the kind words! I joined the Army in January, and I’ll be staying in Texas for a couple of years!


That really helps me a lot. Congrats, on your new venture in life and thank you for your service!


As usual, I’m a day late but Thank You for your Service!!!