Hopi (?) storyteller cuff


I trying to find out about this bracelet I found in an auction. The pictures of the hallmark were not the best and I thought it might be a piece by PhilbertPoseyesva. Now, looking at the hallmark in person,it’s definitely not him. I have been searching for the hallmark and Think I finally found a possibility. It looks very similar to that of Elmer Setalla, Jr. Found him in “Hopi Silver” and it said he was self taught and worked with Watson Honanie. He started working about 1990.
I tried searching for other work by him and came up empty. Does anyone know anything about him? I was trying to figure out an approximate value for my book. It 3/4” wide and weighs 39.8g. Think this one will be on my wear all the time list.


It is a contemporary piece, we see pieces this size sell around $225. I always like those blossoming sun faces.