Identification and value of a squash blossom necklace


This beautiful necklace was gave to me as a gift. It has the initials “NHMSS”

I would be very interested in knowing it’s origins and value.
Thank You…


NHMSS = Navajo Hand Made Sterling Silver. Pretty piece.


Thank you Christibo.
I greatly appreciate the information.


Good Afternoon!
I would like to know if this squash blossom necklace is vintage as to valuation and what type of turquoise?

Thank You…


I would call this 1980s-90s, it looks like Turquoise Mountain. $600, not sure what the size is.


The turquoise in the squash blossom necklace is Turquoise Mountain?


Yes, Jason is saying that the mine that the stones derived from were from Turquoise Mountain