Any Ideas on what kind of turquoise this is?


Recently got this belt - gorgeous stones - appear to be untreated. Signed MB lots of chocolatey matrix.


pilot mountain, high grade royston ridge, maybe blue gem or even some strange but nice nevada blue. I have a huge collection and matched some cabs to it, those were close or near. Has it been checked- pin tested for stabilized turquoise ?. Looks like a beautiful work of art


Haven’t Checked it, will let you know, has all the characteristics of untreated, I thought possibly royston district - I have ahd two people tell me they have seen Candelaria like this…most definitely beautiful. thanks!!


I think it is Pilot Mountain. I tried to find exact matches but unsuccessful, here are two cabs the smaller has more similar characteristics to your belt.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/5c09eaf902349b658a86219557080dcb1a76fa5d.jpg">


Very very similar - these are gorgeous, the blue in the belt is a deep bluish purple cobalt kind of colr - matrix very chocolate like this, thanks!!!


are you sure it is not chinese i have seen almost every color from china


Definitely not Chinese - and natural. Thanks so much for the input.